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MS Career and College Readiness Standards

The Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (MS - CCRS) are a set of high-quality academic standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts/literacy (ELA). These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do in each subject by the end of each grade. The MS -CCRS were developed to prepare students for success in college and the workplace.






Folder FAQs Common Core Standards (1 Files)
pdf file FAQs
Folder Scaffolding Documents MS- CCRS ELA - Math (23 Files)
pdf file CCSS K-ELA
pdf file CCSS K-MAth
pdf file CCSS 1 - ELA
pdf file CCSS 1-Math
pdf file CCSS 2 - math
pdf file CCSS 2- ELA
pdf file CCSS 3 - ELA
pdf file CCSS 3 - Math
pdf file CCSS 4 - Math
pdf file CCSS 4- ELA
pdf file CCSS 5 - Math
pdf file CCSS 5- ELA
pdf file CCSS 6- ELA
pdf file CCSS 6- math
pdf file CCSS 7 - ELA
pdf file CCSS 7-Math
pdf file CCSS 8 - ELA
pdf file CCSS 8-Math
pdf file English I
pdf file English II
pdf file Geometry
pdf file Algebra I
pdf file Algebra II
Folder MS-CCRS ELA (3 Files)
pdf file MS- ELA CCSS
pdf file MS Examplars K-6
pdf file MS - Examplars
pdf file MS - Math CCSS
Folder MS - CCRS Website Resources (4 Files)
pdf file CCSS ELA Website Resources Grades K-2
pdf file ELA Website Resources Grades K-5
pdf file MSU Training PPT
pdf file MSU Training Resources Grade 3 - 4
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