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Forms and Documents

SCSD documents - click folders to browse contents

Most are read-only in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view. Any Microsoft Word documents will require the MS Word Viewer if you don't have already have Word installed.


Also, see Board Approved Documents.

Folder 2017-2018 Student Transfer Forms (3 Files)
Download * Request to Transfer WITHIN District
Download Petition Form: Transfer IN to SCSD
Download Petition Form: Transfer OUT of SCSD
Folder Business Office Documents (1 Files)
Download Check Request
Folder Calendars (7 Files)
Download * 2017-2018 SCSD Calendar * (corrected 2-28-17)
Download 2016-2017 SCSD School Calendar
Download 2015-2016 SCSD School Calendar
Download SCSD 2014-2015 school calendar
Download 2013-2014 SCSD Calendar
Download 2012-2013 SCSD Calendar
Download 2011-2012 SCSD Calendar
Folder Curriculum / Dropout Prevention Plans (5 Files)
Download Lake Schools Action Plan
Download Morton Schools Action Plan
Download SCAC Action Plan 2015-2016
Download SCSD Graduation Option Plan
Download SCSD Professional Learning Plan
Folder Federal Programs Docs (13 Files)
Download Children First Report (2011-2012)
Download Know Your Rights (Recovery Act info)
Download Parents Right to Know
Download School Choice (Safe Schools)
Download SCSD ARRA Spending (2009-2010)
Download SCSD Parent Compact (English)
Download SCSD Parent Compact (Spanish)
Download SCSD Parent Policy (English)
Download SCSD Parent Policy (Spanish)
Download Title IX Complaint Form
Sub Folder No Child Left Behind Reports (NCLB) 2013 (3 Files)
Download NCLB - State of Mississippi Report
Download NCLB - Scott County School District Report
Download NCLB - Scott County School Level Reports
Folder Fixed Assets Forms (3 Files)
Download Furniture & Equipment Disposition Request
Download Hand Receipt Form
Download Property Location Form
Folder Human Resources (17 Files)
Sub Folder Bus Driver Forms (3 Files)
Download Bus Sub Time Sheet
Download Field Trip Time Sheet
Download Personal Leave Form
Sub Folder Insurance Forms (4 Files)
Download Disability Insurance Claim Form
Download Health Insurance Enrollment and Change
Download Life Insurance Enrollment and Change
Download Temporary Dental and Vision I.D.
Sub Folder Payroll Forms (5 Files)
Download 2017-2018 Salary Schedule
Download Direct Deposit Form
Download Employee Withholding Form
Download Form W-4 (2017)
Download Time Sheet
Sub Folder Workers Compensation (5 Files)
Download Exam and Work Status Form
Download HIPAA Authorization
Download MSBA First Report Form
Download Physician Choice Notice
Download Witness Statement Form
Folder Office of Superintendent Forms (4 Files)
Download Bus Trip Ticket Form
Download Field Trip Request Form
Download Fundraiser Request Form
Download Personnel Action Form
Folder Publications, Reports (2 Files)
Download Career and Technical Courses Offered by Scott County School District
Download Children First Annual Report (2012-2013)
Folder School Supply Lists (31 Files)
Download BMJ-5th-grade-supply-list
Download BMJ-5th-grade(SPANISH)supply-list
Download BMJ-6th-grade-supply-list
Download BMJ-6th-grade-MATH-supply-list
Download BMJ-6th-grade-MATH(SPANISH)supply-list
Download BMJ-7th-grade-Supply-List
Download BMJ-8th-grade-Supply-List
Download BMJ-CoachJohns-Supply-List
Download MES-K-2 Supply List (2017-2018)
Download MES-3rd GRADE Supply List (2017-2018)
Download MES-4th GRADE Supply List (2017-2018)
Download SCAC-Kindergarten-supply-list
Download SCAC-1st-grade-supply-list
Download SCAC-2nd-grade-supply-list
Download SCAC-3rd-grade-supply-list
Download SCAC-4th-grade-supply-list
Download SCAC-5th-grade-supply-list
Download SCAC-6th-grade-supply-list
Download LMS-Grades5-8-supply-list
Download LES-KG-supply-list
Download LES-1st-grade-supply-list
Download LES-2nd-grade-supply-list
Download LES-3rd-grade-supply-list
Download LES-4th-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-Kindergarten-supply-list
Download SAC-1st-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-2nd-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-3rd-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-4th-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-5th-grade-supply-list
Download SAC-6th-grade-supply-list
Folder Special Services (6 Files)
Download 2016-2017 SCSD Executive Summary
Download Child Find Brochure (updated 2016)
Download SCSD SPP/APP Executive Summary 2015
Download SCSD SPP/APR District Performance Report (2014-2015)
Download SCSD Annual Report 2012-2013
Download SCSD SPP/APR District Performance Report (2012-2013)
Folder Student Handbooks (8 Files)
Download SCSD Student 5-12 Handbook 2017-2018 (updated 9-15-2017)
Download SCSD Student 5-12 Spanish Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD K-4 Student Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD K-4 Spanish Student Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD Faculty Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD Coach's Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD Student-Athlete Handbook 2017-2018
Download SCSD Dropout Prev Plan 2016-2017
Folder Student Information (7 Files)
Download JDDA Bullying Policy
Download JDDA Bullying Procedures
Download Report Bullying FORM
Download SCSD - Dress Code Procedures (rev1)
Download SCSD Acceptable Use Policy (rev. 2011) for 2017-2018
Download Student Driver License Form
Download Video-Photo Release Form
Folder Student Registration (3 Files)
Download SCSD Registration Form (2017-2018)
Download SCSD Registration Form (2017-2018) (SPANISH)
Download Rental Residency Verification Form
Folder Training (2 Files)
Download CCLR-2014
Download MSIS Access Notes (July 2016)
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