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Language Speech Services

One of thirteen disability categories under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, Language Speech services are provided by language speech pathologists to address the needs of children and youth with communication disabilities, such as stuttering and impairments in speech, language or voice. 

Characteristically, language-speech pathologists:

  • Screen, identify, assess, and diagnose disorders of fluency, language, articulation, voice, and oral-pharyngeal function, and cognitive/ communication disorders
  • Provide speech and language services for the habilitation or prevention of communication disorders, including augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • Refer the student for medical or other professional attention necessary for the habilitation of speech or language disorders

A student with a speech or language impairment does not necessarily have to be manifesting academic problems in order to be considered eligible to receive related services under the IDEA. Effective oral communication is regarded as a skill basic to academic performance. For further information please contact the Office of Special Education or the speech language pathologist at the local school site.