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Gifted Program


“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”   ~  Albert Szent - Gyorgyi

The Scott County School District gifted environment provides opportunities for intellectually gifted students to apply, strengthen, refine, and expand skills; to become more aware of resources, talents, and interest; to develop confidence and courage to choose and try new things; to become more self-directive and more capable of making decisions and handling open-ended programs.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Scott County School District is to ensure that intellectually gifted children are offered educational experiences that are qualitatively different from those available in the regular classroom in order to provided opportunities for gifted children to develop their abilities and potential.


Meeting the needs of the intellectually gifted learner requires differential treatments both in curriculum and instruction. In working with the Mississippi Department of Education’s Suggested Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted, the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children’s Recommended Curricular Elements, the Mississippi Gifted Education Program Standards, and East Central Talented and Gifted Association, Endeavor’s program will implement the following framework:

  1. higher - level thinking skills

  2. creative problem solving

  3. critical thinking skills

  4. research skills

  5. teamwork/group dynamic skills

  6. leadership skills

  7. creative expression

  8. career exploration

  9. self-directed learning

  10. visual/performing arts


Parenting gifted children can be exciting and challenging! Look under "Parent Links" to the left for a list of resources for practical information. 

The Scott County School District will provided a Gifted Education Program - Endeavor - for intellectually gifted students in grades two through six. The gifted education program is based on the model established by MDE and is designed for students whose measured intelligence places them in the top five percent nationally. Students attend gifted classes a minimum of 240 minutes a week. Endeavors is designed to meet the individual needs of intellectually gifted children and to be different from the regular program of instruction, thereby offering these intellectually gifted students a more appropriate education for their exceptional needs and abilities. Scott County School District Gifted and Talented teachers are members of MAGC.